Posts made in July, 2005

I have no idea what to put here

So, i don’t know why i get the urge to write things in the middle fo the fracking night, but i do, and thus my computer lives not to far from my bed, or even right next to it. But anyway. I have tryed so many different things in my life. I have started things, tanken lessons for things, had hobbies, and so many have been so short lived (and often expensive). I don’t get it, and i just lay down to go to sleep and then boom, there i...

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Another Opening…

So, I have waited and waited, and I have no idea what finally posessed me to actually create my own livejournal. I mean here i am having space on DeviantArt and on Blurty, but not on LJ. I suppose it may have something to do with the fact that everyone i know has a live journal and now i do too. Plus so does my wonderful GF Bex and I can friend her and whatnot, and that makes her happy. The thing that is kind of dunb is that I choose to sit and...

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