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There was a time when i didn’t have this little hint of doubt about the people who i have called close friends, and the people who i live with, and one person who from day one almost 4 years ago has been of the best friends i have had here at IC. But now there is a little hint, could be meaningless, but there. How i cam to this knowledge, my sources, shall remain un-named for their own protection as well as maybe my own, but i was...

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I am not one to take back things that I have said, and frankly i don’t think i need too. I was a little confused when i woke up this morning to my phone ringing, i suppose it isn’t entirely common, though it happens every now and then. I think i was kind half awake because i was wondering what I was doing awake at the time, i am not usually up at 7, but it happens. Anyway, to start, i think that I should say, take the things that I...

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Old Friends

Chatted with an old friend this evening. Actually she talked to me first, seems she was thinking of me, related to a situation that one of her friends is in. Funny how we loose touch and sometimes don’t. Think the last time we saw eachother was back in Freshman year when i passed through Dartmouth on my way to Franconia with my friend Ben for a ski trip. We ought to connect again. Tried to the last few times that I was up in Hannover...

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Yet another week goes by

I feel the need to give titles to all of my journal entries, and then find that they all end up so similar that I wonder what the point is. Forgive me the fact that I am typing on a lousy keyboard because i had to send my computer out for repair, and now i am on my old desktop. So if i leave in spelling erors that are more than normal it is probably the keyboard. I can’t bring myself to be upset at the way my computer came to need repair....

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  • 2018 Lancaster Covered Bridge Classic (34mi)
    On August 19, 2018 8:04 am went 31.69 mi. during 03:01:27 hours climbing 1,749.67 ft.
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    On August 11, 2018 4:19 pm went 7.11 mi. during 00:35:12 hours climbing 215.55 ft.
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    On August 6, 2018 5:32 pm went 18.50 mi. during 01:33:01 hours climbing 574.80 ft.

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