Posts made in May, 2006

Atlantic Crossing Day 4

Stage Manager’s Log Ms. Prinsendam Friday, May 26, 2006 Atlantic Crossing Day 4 Well, going to sleep earlier than the past couple nights has certainly helped, with the loss of another hour, but I still am tired. I don’t want to take up drinking lots of coffee so I catch sleep when I can. I had a quick breakfast and chat with Michael Mendelsohn, one of the guest lecturers that is on board. We talked a little about my background and how I...

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Atlantic Crossing Day 3

Stage Manager’s Log Ms. Prinsendam Thursday, May 25, 2006 Atlantic Crossing Day 3 Today was another long tiring day. We moved another hour ahead and thus lost another hour of sleep. It kinda sucks. I had another usual morning, breakfast then a port lecture at 0915. After the port lecture the second officer gave a talk on the bridge systems, a virtual bridge tour since they are no longer allowed to give real bridge tours. It was...

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Atlantic Crossing Day 2

Stage Manager’s Log Ms. Prinsendam Wednesday, May 24, 2006 Atlantic Crossing Day 2 The nice thing about today was the fact that there was no time change. Loosing an hour is hard. I suppose it is probably better than loosing 5 all at the same time and getting jet-lag, but it still sucks to loose sleep time. The ship has really been moving today, I guess the seas are a little bigger today, but I don’t mind. It actually feels nice when you...

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Atlantic Crossing Day 1

Stage Manager’s Log Ms. Prinsendam Wednesday, May 23, 2006 Atlantic Crossing Day 1 At sea days are always the longest days here in the theatre. For this Atlantic crossing we have a lecture every morning at 0915. The morning lecture is about the ports that we will be visiting. It is pretty interesting. The lecture was about the Madeira Islands, specifically Funchal, Portugal. Last night I did do some laundry. It was kind of a funny...

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Half Moon Cay – Bahamas

Stage Manager’s Log Ms. Prinsendam Monday, May 22, 2006 Half Moon Cay – Bahamas Today started very laid back, there is really nothing going on until my rehearsal with Paul later on. It is my understanding that Paul is a comedian who impersonates and brings back to life the work of Charlie Chaplin. It sounds like he should be fun to work with and fun to watch. So I woke up late, too late to get a real breakfast, I have to remember that for...

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