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Dish Jenga

At some point I think that it is an inevitability (unless you are my parents) that there is a game of dish jenga going on in everyone’s kitchen. Sometimes it is probably two games, the one with the dirty dishes in the sink and the one with the clean dishes on the drying rack. I even have a dishwasher but I can’t seem to avoid a pile of dishes in the sink. For me, one of the driving forces behind doing dishes is when I can’t...

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Web Savvy

In general, many of us live pretty public lives nowadays.  Even if you don’t do Twitter or don’t have a blog you probably have a Facebook or a MySpace page or belong to some other online community.  The strange thing is that even if you don’t really do anything online there is still a bunch of information about you out there in cyberspace.  We leave cyber trails without even knowing it.  It can be a little overwhelming to try...

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TV Commitments

In general I tend to find ways to keep busy. Between work, cooking, eating, skiing in the winter, hiking and camping in the summer it doesn’t really leave that much time. However, it seems that the number of TV commitments that I have continues to grow. Working in theatre, I am usually at work when the primetime shows are on, so having a DVR is kinda handy. Additionally, watching shows on the DVR is so great because you don’t have...

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Mondays on Music

As a person who always has a song running through my head and for whom music is a central part of life it seemed only natural to have a theme day for music. While it is probably cliché to do music on Mondays, I don’t really mind. Anyway, you can’t go wrong with a little alliteration! My hope for this feature is not just to talk about a song or a new album or to give reviews. What I really want is this to be a place to discuss music...

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If you are wondering what Zordak is, you are asking the wrong question.  You should be asking who Zordak is.  Zordak is the king of the universe, also known as Zordak KOTU.  Zordak is a character from a bunch of “stories” that my brother wrote while he was in elementary school.  I don’t remember any of the stories now and it wouldn’t surprise me if the originals were lost in the fire that my parents had back when I was...

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