Weekend Baking

I Have decided to try something new.  I like to cook.  I probably don’t do it as much as I should, especially when we get into tech weeks for shows (which I am about to start).  However, I try to do some kind of cooking or baking on the weekends so it seems like a good time to post up some of my favorite recipes.

I also like to try new things so I have set up an interactive recipe book.  If you try and like my recipes, or if you just have a recipe to share, you can.  Just follow this link to the recipe submission page.  Once you submit a recipe it will have to be approved, and then it will show up in the recipe file.  You can find the recipe file and submission page under the archives in the main menu bar.

Hopefully you will enjoy my recipes and I will enjoy yours!

Here is my project for this weekend, I happened to have some ripe bananas in the kitchen, so it seemed like it would be appropriate to make:

[recipe-show recipe=cc-banana-bread]

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  1. I'm surprised you're not baking hamontashen this weekend.

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