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Foto Friday #9

I can’t believe it is Friday again.  Another week that has gone by incredibly fast.  So fast that I piled another post onto today by virtue of writing it so late in the evening (or morning).  We have our meting where they will actually announce next year’s season for the theatre today.  That should be interesting.  Anyway, here is the photo that I have picked for this week: This is my brother.  He is always hanging off something....

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The Human Impact

On Wednesday I wrote about how amazing this country and the open spaces is. It really is truly amazing and I enjoy being able to partake of it. There is a flip side to the coin though. I don’t really know why, but today I started to watch a couple of the Miyazaki films. It was probably spurred by watching Ponyo with the Jones’ last Sunday. The thing that got to me, which I always knew about the films, is the underlying environmental...

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On Natural Beauty

Having spent a lot of energy thinking, blogging and posting on forums about politics and health care, it seemed like a departure to something less civilized might be nice.  The inspiration hit me while having a late night chat with another 20SB member as the conversation turned to some of the more beautiful aspects of this country.  What?  I hear you asking, the land! One of the things that has never ceased to amaze me after moving out here to...

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Health Care Reforms

The impetus for this post comes from a discussion on the topic over at 20SB that was started by Heather over at A lust for Words.  Also of note, I wrote this post yesterday and held it for today, just because.  Much of the text is is the same as the response that I posted in the discussion linked to above. By now I would imagine that most Americans know that the Health Care Reform bill was passed.  The question on most people’s minds...

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Music on Mondays: I Love the World

I am sure that by now almost everyone has heard or seen the Discovery Channel’s commercials with the “I Love the World” or “Boom-de-ah-da” song.  If you haven’t, you might just want to check it out below (I even linked a version with lyrics so that you can sing along!): From the first time that I heard this advertisement I think that I have had the song stuck in my head.  I suppose that is exactly what the...

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