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At the request of some of my followers, this weeks photo is from the archival photo call for 42nd Street.  It is rather apropos as lately I have mentioned working on the show in a number of blog posts.  Also, we are going into the closing weekend today, so if you count tonight’s show there are only three performances left.

Shadow Waltz

Beth Glover as Dorothy Brock in 42nd Street

This is one of my favorite images from the shoot and from the show.  The scene is the “Shadow Waltz” where Dorothy (an older actress who was hired to be the “star” of Pretty Lady) “auditions” for the part.  The lyrics of the song talk about shadows on the wall so she plays with shadow puppets as well as later going on to a big shadow-play dance number.

I also think that this image has some fun artistic merit as well.  I try to get some more “artsy” shots when I can, as opposed to just standing in the center of the house and shooting the scenes.  This was not the easiest subject to get close to on account of the angles of the lights for the shadows.  I had to work pretty hard to not get my own shadow in the shots (no one wants to see my shadow anyway).

So, now I am counting down the days to get ready for my photo excursion in Moab and hopefully will bring you a few fresh images!  For now though, as always, comments, questions and critiques are welcome!

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  1. A great picture, yes!
    The shadows look awesome and her make up! Her hair…it's a perfect picture, Alex 🙂
    My recent post FAIRY

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