Of Silence

Silent Arches

Can silence be?
the background hum
the world
ever present alone
at night
silence has a sound

Cars on the street
pages flitter
drafts send plumes of swirling
sheets rustle against bare skin

there is none but me
who sit
no other presence
to fill

Outside when the snow
gentle on the field

On darkened stages

This is where
the silence lives

I think the last time I posted any poetic ramblings was last summer.  Must be something about this season that makes me think about things in a more contemplative and poetic way.  Certainly a little deviation from what you normally read here, but hey, I don’t claim to stick to any formats.  Hopefully you will get to read some more like this over the course of the summer!


  1. that was a great post 😀 i loved it. ive always been a fan of poetry and this one is really good 😀
    My recent post Yes, I’m a dork!

  2. Wow! Love to be in a place like that sometime. It looks so peaceful. Nice poem!

    • The photo is at "Double O Arch" at Arches National Park in Moab, UT. Since I took the photo that would be my brother who is in it. I love being out in the desert, it is amazingly peaceful!

  3. Thanks much, and thanks for reading!

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