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I am sure that many of you thought that I would post some photo from camp for Foto Friday, but I don’t think that is going to happen.  At least not this week.  I have one image that I might consider, but I haven’t had the chance to actually work on it yet.  Also, we are not really supposed to post any photos with campers on the public internets, so odds are you won’t see anything like that from me.  I like my job, I want to keep it (even though every kid will go home and post all their photos on facebook).

So, for this week I thought that I would go back to the Moab Workshop.  I finally got some images from the final day of the workshop posted on my site so I thought that I would share them.  Besides, you really can’t go wrong with most of the images from that trip!  It is such beautiful country out there, I highly recommend that you put the Utah desert on your list of places to visit if you have never been there, especially if you are a photographer!

Evap Ponds HDR

The potash evaporation ponds below Dead horse Point State Park in Moab, UT

This image was taken right around sunrise, looking out from Dead Horse Point State Park.  It is an HDR image and I just love the way the canyon textures came out.  I apologize for the watermark that runs through the image, but in this day and age where it is so easy to snag images off the nets I feel like it is a must-have (and yes I know there is a spelling error in it).  I don’t really know much of anything about the potash production or what it is used for, but the evaporation ponds are really pretty in the morning light.

An interesting point of note about Dead Horse Point State Park is that it is featured in the movie “Mission: Impossible II” in the opening scene where Tom Cruise is rock climbing.  I had never realized this until it happened to be on TV a couple weeks ago and I recognized some of the formations.  Just a little fun fact that most people probably don’t really care about!

In other photo related news, I hope to do some more experimenting in IR photography this summer.  We now have two IR cameras at camp, the photographer’s and one of the other staff member’s.  I am sure that both would let me borrow their cameras.  So, hopefully I will have some other fun images to share in that department!  With that said, as usual comments, questions and critique are always welcome!

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