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Where did this week go?

All things considered, it is kind of hard to follow my last post.  Needless to say, it has been quite along week.  We have a saying at camp: “The days are very long but the weeks go by too fast!”  It is so true.  Sometimes I wonder if shows like 24 could really happen in the span of a single day, but when I look back at all the things that happened some of the days this week, it seems a little more plausible.  We seem to really be...

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Life is like that sometimes

“Freedom! Heading home for a much needed day off.” ~Christine Macken (1985-2010) I often have written about how life is short and we need to make the best of what we have.  Sometimes the stark reality in that sentiment comes out and slaps you in the face.  I have often looked around me at my friends, finding it so strange that they were getting married and some even having children, but when it comes to my contemporaries passing...

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Diving, Singing, Days Off

Yes friends, that is how I spent my day off today.  After a week of hot and sweaty weather, Ruth an I jumped in the truck and headed for Cape Elizabeth for some scuba diving.  This is certainly the way to beat the heat, with the water temperature dropping as low as 55˚F at our deepest depth of 32 feet.  It is a little chilly at first, then you get used to it, and then later on you start to feel cold, but it sure was better than being out in the...

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Back from [not] Oblivion -or- Camping with Kids

So, my blog has been a little quiet for the past couple days and that is because I was on a camping trip with some of the kids from camp.  I love camping and I love getting out in the outdoors even more than we do on the campus, so when they asked me to go on the trip I was happy to get out of here for a couple days.  This particular trip happened to be with a great group of campers, but I am sure that any of the trips that we run would be fun...

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If you could… (or) Have you Ever?

If you could spend the summer in one of the most beautiful places in the world (in my opinion), wouldn’t you?  Wouldn’t you also want to take advantage of the opportunity and anything that was offered to you?  I hope that yoHu answered ‘yes’ to both of those questions.  I know that I certainly would. I ask because, in spending the summer at camp in northern New England (NH/ME), I do truly believe that this is one of the...

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