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Bloggerstock March 2011: Stop the World

Once again it is time for that fantastic blog event: Bloggerstock.  This month I am hosting Dom from Lije’s Mindstate.  I won’t dawdle on introductions and just let you get to the meat of the matter, so, without further ado, bloggerstock! Hello followers of Ice Wolf’s Ramblings, and a good whatever moment in time you’re reading this. I’d like to thank Alex for letting me guest post. I’d go through the trouble of the formalities but...

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There are few things that truly make me upset.  The biggest is ignorance. “…she [Anne Frank] died three days before the camp was liberated, it makes me ill.  They knew the liberation was coming and they still went to the gas chamers?!” ~A Patron after the show Ok, so you sit through two-and-a-half hours of a wonderful production of The Diary of Anne Frank in Salt Lake City, UT and this is what I hear people saying as they...

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Karaoke Blog Ring of Death: Alcohol

Well, I needed something to make me churn out a post since I haven’t in a while.  What provides more inspiration than some of the crazy folks who hang out over at 20SB?  Some of us came up with Bloggerstock, and then there are some, like Sara from Sara Swears A Lot, who come up with the Karaoke Blog Ring (of Death).  What is KBOD?  Well, each month a theme is picked an people make video blogs singing along to songs that fit the theme....

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