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Bloggerstock: Photo Inspired

Well, it is that time again, time for Bloggerstock.  Unfortunately the bloggerstock website is down and my site, once again was down for a bit.  This post was posted and then lost into the ether.  So, here it is again.  Hopefully I will be able to get the bloggerstock site back up in the near future, but dealing with the support department of my old web host is like pulling teeth.  So we shall see.  I will put a page on my blog here that has...

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Where does the time go?

It is hard to believe that the end of yet another season at the theatre is coming to an end.  This is going to mark the end of my fifth season at the Pioneer Theatre.  That is five years living in Salt Lake City, five years out of college, and five years living in the real world.  Five years is not a super long time, but it is nothing to turn your nose up at either.  It is kind of hard to believe that I am getting information about my five year...

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Hosting Issues: Need Your Help

So, I have been having some ongoing issues with hosting of my blog and some my fiancee’s and my other sites.  We are in the playing with migrating web hosts and I have move some sites to a new host already.  Suffice it to say, this weekend was an interesting weekend.  I learned that even with the great support that my original host claimed to have, they were not very impressive. I might write a real review later after we decide if we want...

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Handwriting: A blog meme

This post was inspired by Kris over at Because or Why Not.  She posted the meme and I thought it was a great idea.  She didn’t tag anyone, but said that if we were interested, to mention her, so I did (besides, I like her blog). I don’t know if this meme has a particular name, but essentially it is about making the blog a little more personal by answering a few questions and writing them out by hand.  Many times in the past I have...

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Changes in the Air

Ever summer since 1994 save for three I have been at summer camp.  I have blogged plenty about camp in the past so it shouldn’t be hard to tell that I love camp.   I was a camper at one camp (Yavneh), and a counselor at two (Micah then Indian/Forest Acres).  This summer I am heading back to IA/FA as I had planned all year despite the fact that we have an extra month of work at the theatre and I won’t get to camp until a little bit...

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