Karaoke Blog Ring: One Hit Wonders

Karaoke Blog Ring: One Hit Wonders

Karaoke Blog RingOnce again I had the time and presence of mind to participate in the Karaoke Blog Ring of Death.  This month the theme was “One hit wonders.”  There are quite a few of these out there so it should be a lot of fun to cruise through the ring and see which ones you recognize.  There were some pretty famous one hit wonders throughout the years.  There was even a Tom Hanks movie about one.  Everyone knows at least one, and probably has one as a favorite song.  Just don’t pick up the phone and start dialing 867-5309!

This month I am hosting Katie from Simply Kate.  Her one hit wonder is Breathless by the Corrs.  This is another one that should be familiar to a lot of people and was a little bit of a throwback fro me.  I just have to say that if someone got Katie a backup bad, she could have a career as a vocalist!  So, without further ado I give you Kate and Breathless:

So there you have it.  This is one that would bring down the house on Karaoke night at the bar!  If you want to see my video you can head over to Alexandra the Tsaritsa’s Blog.  If you want to see more Karaoke you can see DB’s video on Katie’s blog.  To learn more about the Karaoke ring, you should visit Sara Swears A Lot.

Here is  a shameless plug for bloggerstock, this month the theme is “Photo Inspired.”  So head over to this month’s info page to see the image and get more information, we would love to have you participating!


  1. Katie you've voice is really good. I wish i sung like half that well. Plus such a good song!

  2. Best intro EVA! Girl you can kick it! I want to know more about those books and DVD's behind you….
    Buffy? Lost…what else?

    I have to say that this song is only good because you're doin it. Keep on rockin!

  3. Great voice! And great intro!

    I used to love this song, I'm surprised. Must now download this song. I love this theme! It's bringing up a lot of old songs that I had long forgotten about.

  4. You have an amazing voice. Eventually, you're going to get tired of hearing me tell you that. Both last month and this month, I've listened to your video several times in the background while I worked. Can you make a CD for me now please? 🙂
    My recent post Karaoke Ring of Death- One Hit Wonders

  5. I believe that's all ten seasons of Friends, behind you, ya? Well then we are friends, because Friends is amazing. Also, I sang this song with my best friend in the 6th grade talent show, so it holds a special place in my heart 🙂
    My recent post Karaoke in the style of one-hit wonders

  6. Have you signed a contract with a record company yet? Your voice is incredible.

  7. Your voice really is gorgeous

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