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So, what is a Pathtag? Well, it is a custom designed tag that is minted about the size of a quarter. They have become very popular in the world of Geocaching as people use them for signature trade items. Unlike geocoins and travel bugs, pathtags are not trackable items, they are collectible items, if you find one in a cache, you can keep it (though you should trade some swag for it as is geocaching courtesy). Tag owners also trade tags with...

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Postcard Exchange: First Arrival

Here it is, the first arrival from the 20SB Postcard Exchange. It’s a classic Sci-Fi card to boot, cool. I was starting to get worried that I was not going to receive any cards after I sent out all of mine.  This one came in from Catherine over at SaidtheCat. According to her card I even have something on my blog that was of interest! How great is that? She also used a pretty cool stamp, but overpaid for postage by about 45¢. Since my...

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