How do you get there from here?

So I had a very nice chat/meeting with Ruth’s aunt and uncle, Celeste and Terry. While not experts in setting up a small business, they did have some insight, and I certainly appreciate that. I still have to make some decisions about what I want to do in order to get everything se tup for this job with ETC.

I need to talk to Randy down at GTS again and see what kind of deal he is willing to strike. This option presents probably the easiest solution as well as the solution that has the least risk. In theory, I don’t stand to loose anything going this route, I just may not take home as much money at the end of the day. I can also always break away if I want to do my own thing later.

So, I have some thinking to do, but I would love as much input as I can get. Are the more pros and cons? Any insight would be appricated.






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