Pre Holiday Thoughts

Thanksgiving is in two days, and once again I won’t be able to be with my family due to the crazy schedule here at the theatre. We work tomorrow (Wednesday), pretty much all day day. I have a production meeting in the morning and then we have dry tech in the evening. We are back at it again on Friday. So even though we do have Thanksgiving day off, it would be completely impractical and amazingly expensive to go visit the family.

I don’t really understand why the schedule is laid out this way. In fact due to the layout we end up working on two University holidays, the day after Thanksgiving and New Years Day. It seems to me, in these times of tight budgets and whatnot, that it would not make sense to bring everyone in to work when you have to pay them overtime. Also, we knew that “A Christmas Story” would be a big seller at the box office, we are getting close to sold out. It would seem to me that if we ran it for an extra week (taking Christmas off) that it would make a lot more sense and alleviate at least one of the holidays we are supposed to work on.

On the other hand, some of my family is coming to visit me the week after Thanksgiving, which will be nice. As my mother said, we don’t need a holiday to get together and be thankful. I won’t be running the show, so I will actually have the time to spend with them. We might go skiing, we might head down to souther Utah and do some hiking, it will all depend on the weather.






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