At Sea

Stage Manager’s Log
Ms. Prinsendam
Friday, May 19, 2006
At Sea

Today was another whirlwind day. I got up at 0700 hrs after having gone to bed around 0100 hrs after the midnight rehearsal for the show. One of the strangest things about being on the ship is the fact that the light you go to sleep to in your room is the same light you wake up to. Thanks to the lack of widows. It is a little disorienting at first when the only thing that lets you know that it is a different time than before is your clock. I suppose I will get used to it. I imagine it must be worse if you were say on a submarine where there is no place that gets natural light.

So I got up and took a shower and went topside. I took a walk around the top deck, looking off out to the horizon unbroken by land in all directions. It is quite a view of not to much. Depending on the daily schedules I might try to make that little stroll a habit because it is nice to get out in the fresh air and see the sun, and though it isn’t much, it is a little bit of exercise. I am sure that I will find other ways to get some exercise. Like taking the stairs and not using the elevators. Actually, sometimes it seems that taking the stairs is a lot faster than waiting for the elevators.

Today was a full day in the theatre. Starting at 0900hrs we had a coffee chat with Salima Wazir (an oboist from England), Dima Belinski, and Jonny Thunder. After that we had a crazy “game show” called Sea Quest that gets the guests involved and having a good time. After that the Cruise Director gave his disembarkation speech because everyone is getting off in Fort Lauderdale, FL. They thank all of the cruise staff and then they all sing and the thing ends with confetti cannons going off. I guess they do this for every cruise at the end.

After lunch we were back for the passenger talent show. It is rather amusing and a little painful to watch or listen to some of the people on board sing. People enjoyed it though, so I suppose it is a good thing. But wait there is more. Following the talent show we had a lecture on the pirates of the Caribbean. I paid attention to most of it, it was kind of interesting. I suppose that doing this job I could probably learn something if I paid attention to the lectures that I will be turning the sound or powerpoint on for.

Next on the agenda was a classical concert with Salima accompanied by the cruise pianist. She was amazing, played a great set. Plus she has a very beautiful Oboe, not that I know anything about oboes, but it certainly looked pretty and had a good tone. The last major event before tonight’s production show was the “Newlywed/Not so Newlywed Game.” This was just a setup the show, turn on the lights and mics and then change the batteries and make sure that the cast is all set for the show. I am also taking some time to rip a bunch of Trix’s CD’s to use for pre/post-show music.

The cast shows went well, at least from my perspective. It is complicated and not at the same time. There is a lot to learn and a short time to learn it, plus take care of everything else that I have to do. It is an adventure, but I can see how it will be fun. For all of my worries, I think that I am glad that I am here. Hopefully I am not speaking too soon, but I don’t think that I will regret or hate working here. Not much else to report today, I might go hang out a bit with the crew, and send some emails. Then bed. I believe rehearsal tomorrow is at 1330hrs so Maybe a little more sleep too.






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