Half Moon Cay – Bahamas

Stage Manager’s Log
Ms. Prinsendam
Monday, May 22, 2006
Half Moon Cay – Bahamas

Today started very laid back, there is really nothing going on until my rehearsal with Paul later on. It is my understanding that Paul is a comedian who impersonates and brings back to life the work of Charlie Chaplin. It sounds like he should be fun to work with and fun to watch.

So I woke up late, too late to get a real breakfast, I have to remember that for the future, that they stop serving hot breakfasts at 1000. So if I want a pancake I have to be there earlier. Though it wasn’t so bad to get a bowl of cereal, some fruit and a croissant. In general the food is pretty good here. I don’t know if I have said that before, but it is true. They always have a decent selection, and it tastes good. I don’t know what the main dining room food is like, but if the buffet is good I would imagine it has to be better.

So this morning was pretty easy going. I met with Paul, and we went over the show. That took no more than 20 minutes, so I had the rest of the day until the show basically free. Unfortunately due to that one orientation I have left I couldn’t get off the ship, but that was ok, as I had some time to catch some rest and sleep in and all that jazz.

I looked a little more at “Jazz-a-ma-tazz” and then I got a page to go help one of the lounge bands get powered up. As it turned out, a circuit had popped, so we called the ship’s electrician to come fix it. I can’t because I don’t have the keys. I did meet a nice Jewish couple from MA after we powered up the band. They offered to get me a drink, but I don’t know if that is allowed so I declined, just in case. I suppose it is good to not be a shadow in terms of the passengers.

I grabbed some dinner before the show, nothing special. The first performance went OK, it is a lot for one person when you are trying to play a video, run lights and play a minidisk at the same time. By the second performance I got it pretty good and everyone was happy. Paul’s act was fun, he starts as himself and then transforms to Charlie Chaplin. It was entertaining to watch.

After the shows I did some laundry and went off to bed. We change time zones tonight so sleep is good.






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