Atlantic Crossing Day 3

Stage Manager’s Log
Ms. Prinsendam
Thursday, May 25, 2006
Atlantic Crossing Day 3

Today was another long tiring day. We moved another hour ahead and thus lost another hour of sleep. It kinda sucks. I had another usual morning, breakfast then a port lecture at 0915. After the port lecture the second officer gave a talk on the bridge systems, a virtual bridge tour since they are no longer allowed to give real bridge tours. It was interesting.

We had rehearsal for the entertainer at 1130. Celeste Francis, a singer. Rehearsal went pretty well, we took a lot of time to make sure all of the levels were set to her liking. One more lecture in the afternoon and then the show at night. The first performance did not go too well technically, we had a few sound problems. The second show was much cleaner and everyone was happy. Peter, the CD told me today that he thinks that I will do a good job, he said that he had been skeptical in the fact that they hired me for this position having never done this type of job before, but from the week I have been here he thinks I will do well and he is happy. That came about because I felt bad for the problems we had in the first performance.

Today was long and I was tired. I took a nap sometime in there, and then after the last performance I went home and will be off to bed shortly. We have another time change tonight so sleep is important. I am looking forward to getting to port so that the schedule lightens up a little.

I do have to say, I have grown to like the motion of the ship as I go to sleep, it is kind of relaxing. My bed runs port to starboard which is nice because the motion of the ship is mostly forward/aft so the bed moves all one direction as opposed to rocking lengthwise. I don’t know if that makes any sense other than to myself. Such is life. Sleepy time now I think, another long day tomorrow.






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