Atlantic Crossing Day 4

Stage Manager’s Log
Ms. Prinsendam
Friday, May 26, 2006
Atlantic Crossing Day 4

Well, going to sleep earlier than the past couple nights has certainly helped, with the loss of another hour, but I still am tired. I don’t want to take up drinking lots of coffee so I catch sleep when I can. I had a quick breakfast and chat with Michael Mendelsohn, one of the guest lecturers that is on board. We talked a little about my background and how I ended up here. Michael talks about literature in his lectures.

This morning I had one more training seminar with the EO. It was the tier 3 training for ECP (Environmental Compliance Program). I guess I had to have it since I am technically a supervisor. It was only 45 minutes and it was mostly review. I suppose one of the interesting things is that in the next couple months the Carnival Corp. and HAL will be getting rid of the ECP after they receive their ISO 14001 certification. The ISO certification is stricter than the ECP, but it will make the cruise lines look better, and they will be better protecting the environment.

Originally today we were supposed to have a rehearsal for the show tonight at 1215, but I guess Leigh decided to reschedule to 1715 but no one told me. So I hung around and waited for them. Then Peter called me and asked if we were having rehearsal, and I said I thought so. He called Leigh and found out that the times had been changed. So I used the free time to go get some lunch and then visit the tailors because the original uniform pants they gave me didn’t fit right, so I exchanged them for pants that do fit.

Back to the lounge for the afternoon lecture, another that I didn’t really pay attention to. After the lecture Paul Romhany did a presentation of close up magic. Card tricks and slight of hand tricks. That was fun to watch.

Rehearsal for Jim Coston’s show went well. He plays the banjo. Between rehearsal and the show I went up for dinner with the band, and then back from the show. Boat loads of fun, as always. The performances went well.

Tonight there was a crew party down in the crew mess. There was food and drinks, dancing and karaoke. After the party I stopped by the OB for a round of darts and then off to bed.






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