Atlantic Crossing Day 5

Stage Manager’s Log
Ms. Prinsendam
Saturday, May 27, 2006
Atlantic Crossing Day 5

This morning I had the chance to sleep in a little, and then head up for breakfast just before the kitchen closed. I ate with Stephen from the cast, and Jen, the head of children’s programming. Her title is probably something like Youth activity coordinator.

This morning’s lecture was about diamonds and how to pick them and what differences are apparent to the naked eye. I actually paid attention to that talk. I thought it was kind of interesting. She talked about another very rare gem, Tanzanite. The high quality Tanzanite is a very deep blue with some deep red. The color can range out to a light violet. There is only one Tanzanite mine in the world so it will remain a very rare gem.

After the lecture I went up for lunch outside again. I am enjoying the weather these days because it isn’t so hot and muggy. It has been about 74˚F, really nice. I got a couple hot dogs from the grill and ate out on the aft dining area. It was kind of funny because I didn’t realize that there was an aft swimming pool until the first time I ate out there a couple days ago.

Had the second lecture of the day at 1430 and then an afternoon concert with Salima. She played well even though she was having some tooth pains. After the concert we reset the stage for Will Allenby’s rehearsal. Will is a baritone vocalist. He had a good set. The rehearsal went well.

I had a little bit of time off, enough to go back to my cabin and relax for about a half hour before getting dressed up for formal night. Back into the tux as tonight was not only formal night but also the Black and White Ball. So I got dressed and then went up for dinner. I had the salmon, it really wasn’t too great, such is life. It looked like it could have been good.

We had early show times tonight so that there was time for the Ball, so the first show was at 1845. Only one noticeable mistake in that performance, the projection screens did not get opened. That was fixed for the second show. We also seemed to be having some uncontrollable power issues during the show. It amounted to what must have been power dips that caused the power supplies for the scrollers to reset. This caused the scrollers to go through their boot up sequence, scrolling through all of the colors. That didn’t look too good on stage but there was nothing I could do. So I have sent a memo to the chief electrician to see if there is anything that can be done. I noticed that the dimmers are running way under voltage, which probably helped the problem.

The ball was pretty, but it doesn’t thrill me to watch all the old people dancing. But we make them happy and give out prizes, and that is good. After the ball everyone decided it would be fun to sing and talk in helium voices before all of the balloons got thrown out. That was really amusing. Then, as seems to be the usual I changed out of my tux and headed over to the OB for some darts, maybe by the end of this cruise I will be able to play well. Plus Salima bought all of us a round of drinks. Don’t get me wrong I don’t drink a lot, especially when it is late at night and long after dinner. One of the nice things about going to the OB late is that they usually have some kind of food to snack on.

After darts and some schmoozing I went back home and to bed as once again we had another lost hour .






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