Atlantic Crossing Day 6

Stage Manager’s Log
M.S. Prinsendam
Sunday, May 28, 2006
Atlantic Crossing Day 6

Another day another hour forward. I am looking forward to getting to Portugal when we stop having time changes. For a little bit anyway. We do have a life raft drill on the day we get to Funchal. I suppose that isn’t so bad, but it means that we (the crew) can’t get off the ship right away. Such is life.

After breakfast as usual I was off to the first lecture of the day. This one was on Lisbon, Portugal. I spent the time putting together a simple powerpoint presentation for the lecturer who was speaking later in the day. It is pretty simple, but it is something to keep me awake during the lecture. I could watch the TV, but they don’t always have things on that are worth watching.

Right after the lecture we had a coffee chat with the captain. He talked about his history and how he got to be here, and also some about the ship. He started in the British merchant marine, and worked his way up through the ranks. He then decided that he wanted to do something where he could see more places and more interesting places so he went to the cruise industry.

After the talk we got set up for rehearsal with Joey Van. Joey is a comedian/impressionist. He is very funny and he holds the audience very well. We did all of his music bits first so that thte band could be done, and then we ran through the rest of the tech for the show, some MDs and a video. Joey’s show was on the easy side of the spectrum of shows.

After rehearsal I had enough time to go up and get some lunch before having to come back down for the next lecture. Finally after the lecture I had some free time, time to breathe. I didn’t even have to come back for the game show because it was just trivia and they don’t need anything fancy for that. So I had time to have a good dinner and then get ready for the night’s performances. As I mentioned, the audiences loved Joey, the shows were great.

To stay on top of things I think I will just be heading off to bed. We have one more hour forward tonight but it is the last for a while






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