Santa Cruz de la Palma, Spain

Stage Manager’s Log
M.S. Prinsendam
Wednesday, May 31, 2006
Santa Cruz de la Palma, Spain

This morning was the first payday. My direct deposit has not kicked in yet so I had the option to take some or all of my salary to this point in cash and whatever you don’t take you either get in a check or they will hold and deposit. I took some cash so that I have some for the other ports we go to. This is not a bad system it seems to me.

After picking up my money I went to have some breakfast before going ashore. Santa Cruz de la Palma is on a fairly small island. The island was created by volcanic activity and you can actually go see the caldera of the volcano. There was a tour that went up there, but I didn’t do that. I went out with Jonny and Olivier, members of the band and we walked around the town. It was a very pretty town. Of course once again it as an overcast day. I still took a bunch of pictures, at least I can remember these places. Actually I think a lot of them are not too bad. We had lunch at a little café on the street and walked around town for a few hours. It was nice.

After getting back on the ship I had a short meeting with Peter and on of the HAL Corporate Auditors. He was doing some research on the entertainment department and was particularly interested in this ship because is smaller and operates differently than the other ships in the fleet.

We had another sailaway party this afternoon and then rehearsal for tonight’s act, Gary Wick, a ventriloquist. He puts on a funny show. One of his puppets is a duck and one is an old man. He also brings up real people and uses them as dummies. It is a relatively easy show compared to all of the others I have done. That is nice. It is nice to have a show where I don’t have a DVD and MiniDisc and CD all at the same time.

As ususal, dinner and then the shows. It was nice to have an easy show for a change. After the second show we had the Philippino Crew Show. They do a bunch of traditional songs and dances with traditional costumes for whoever wants to come. it happens late in the evening due to the fact that most of th Philippino crew works until late. Everyone seemed to enjoy that show, and it was not to hard to do even withought ever seeing a rehearsal.

Tonight is going to be another early night for me. We have a meeting tomorrow for all people who are traffic directors for In Port Manning. I also have to do some paperwork tomorrow and rehearsal is at 1130 so I probably won’t get off the ship. I don’t think that will be too bad.






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