St. Peter Port, Guernsey – U.K.

Stage Manager’s Log
M.S. Prinsendam
Friday, June 9, 2006
St. Peter Port, Guernsey – U.K.

Today started slightly earlier than usual, especially for a port day. This morning we had a crew raft drill at 0900. That was a lot of fun. I just kinda rolled out of bed and put dome clothes on for that. Well, I did put on a uniform so that I could go up for breakfast after. They run a raft drill every couple weeks. We learned how to hook and unhook the rafts from the crane, and how all that works out. It was informative, and important, but it as a bummer that it was so early.

After the drill I went up for breakfast, I ran into Francois there too. I suppose the nice thing about going to breakfast that early is that they still serve hot food. After breakfast I changed into street clothes and got ready to get off the ship. St. Peter Port is a tender port so we had to ride the tender to and from the ship. That is certainly a fun way to get in and out of town.

St. Peter Port was a little more interesting to look at from the water as opposed to in the town. It is a very modern town with modern architecture and modern stores. We did find a pub to have lunch at, real U.K. port town fish and chips. It was very good. We also tried the local Guernsey beer, which was pretty good too. We walked around town, some people did a little shopping, I didn’t, things were fairly expensive. Everyone was getting ready for the world cup soccer which starts tomorrow I gather. Soccer is the sport here in Europe, so everyone gets excited for it.

After walking around town a bit more we headed back to the ship. We had a debark talk for the people getting off tomorrow in Dover, and then I had a quick rehearsal with the performer of the evening, Mel Mellers. I got some dinner after rehearsal and then it was right back to work as we had early showtimes tonight so that people could pack. The shows went well, Mel was very funny, and very well received. He does comedy magic, and he picks on the audience, everyone seemed to enjoy it.

After the second show I went and had a drink with the entertainers who are leaving tomorrow, and then I went home. I am very tired, and thankfully tomorrow I will get to sleep in.






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