Kritiansand, Norway

Stage Manager’s Log
M.S. Prinsendam
Tuesday, June 13, 2006
Kritiansand, Norway

I decided to sleep late today. My laundry took a little longer than I had planned for last night. I got up barely in time to get any breakfast, se la vie. After having something to eat I got off the ship and took the shuttle into town. Kristiansand was not quite as interesting as I had hoped for, I thought it might be a little more picturesque. It was very modern, though there were some interesting buildings. I did find a nice little park by the water that was pretty and I hung out there for a while. Hopefully some of the smaller towns that we go to will be more interesting.

I got back on the ship in the afternoon and had a later-ish lunch and then read some more. I also slept a little before rehearsal again. Rehearsal today was for Doug Mattocks, a banjo player. he was really happy with the sound and lights, so that made me feel good. Rehearsal was quick and efficient, as he had played this show with the band on a previous cruise.

Dinner after rehearsal and then back to the lounge for the shows as usual. Everything went well. I went home after sending a couple emails, off to bed in a bit.






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