Bergen, Norway

Stage Manager’s Log
M.S. Prinsendam
Wednesday, June 14, 2006
Bergen, Norway

Today was a beautiful day aside from being woken up by the fire alarm for the drill this morning followed almost immediately by my pager going off as Peter needed me. Peter wanted me to test the scenic cruising PA system as he was told that it didn’t sound good the other day. So I went up and sat on the bridge reading from one of the navigation books on area of Norway we were sailing through. Peter and Chris walked around the ship and listened to make sure everything sounded ok. It was really funny because I can’t pronounce all the Norwegian words. It was kind of fun too. I suppose it was a good thing though that most people were off the ship by that point in time.

After having some breakfast I got changed and got off the ship with Stephen. We walked all over the town. This town was a lot more interesting than Kristinasand. The architecture was more traditional and the scenery was better. There was an open air fish market, and next to it were a bunch of street vendors. We went to three or four of the churches in the city, all multiple hundreds of years old. One of the churches we went to there was someone playing the organ, but we got kicked out, shortly after he started. They are having an organ concert series.

One of the things about Norway is that everything is more expensive. We walked by a restaurant where I hamburger was about $20. If this is any way to judge, a value meal at McDonalds is about $10 as opposed to $5 in the U.S. I suppose that McDonalds is a funny way to judge prices, but there isn’t much else that is really the same between here and home.

We got back to the ship around 1400 and had lunch on the ship. It is free after all. A little after 1500 I got a call from Reed at the Pioneer Theatre Company. We talked for about 45 minutes about the job there. He basically said that he wanted to hire me, but he was obligated to finish one more interview with another person. It sounds like it will be a good job, so I hope that it works out.

At 1730 we started rehearsal for tonight’s singer. He was ok, not the best, but he wasn’t bad. Rehearsal was really long though, we worked until about 1930, longer than any other rehearsal so far. It meant that I didn’t get any dinner though until between the shows because they stop serving dinner in the Lido at 1900. The other thing about today is that I think I have been having some bad allergies. I don’t feel sick, my nose is just stuffed. I happen to have taken Claritin with me, so I will start taking it, hopefully it will help.

During the shows tonight the ship was really pitching. This was the most movement we have had yet. I guess a lot of people felt sick, both audiences for the shows were very small. Even the performer felt sick after the first show, and we though that we might have to cancel the second show. We ended up starting about 10 minutes late, and he cut a few songs from the show to make it go faster.

After the shows I went home, the whole not being able to breathe well was making me tired, so I think it is going to be off to bed for me.






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