Tromsø, Norway

Stage Manager’s Log
M.S. Prinsendam
Monday, June 17, 2006
Tromsø, Norway

This morning I got up just in time to catch some breakfast and then go to rehearsal with Doug Mattocks and the band. Doug had a lot of fun playing with the band when they were not on the bandstand. The show was a lot of fun, and I was really happy that I took the time to work on the lights the night before. For this show I really got a chance to do some good lighting for them, which made me happy. The show looks a little more designed than some of the guest entertainers that I have done.

After rehearsal I went up for lunch with the band and then we headed of the ship into town. On the advice of one of the little ladies on the pier we decided to walk to town. She told us that it was a 20 minute walk, so we figured that we would go faster than her and it would take up 15. Well, it ended up taking 45 minutes. It wasn’t a bad walk, but we weren’t expecting it. there were some kind of festivities going on in town. There was a marching band on every street corner. Apparently tonight is the midnight sun marathon in Tromsø. We found a bar to try the local beer at and catch part of the World Cup game, and then we headed back to the ship

The shows tonight were amazing. We got standing ovations for both of them. Everyone loved them. Once again everyone was happy, and the world was good. The sail out from Tromsø was beautiful, I took a bunch of photos. Then I headed up to the Crow’s Nest with the band and Peter, and Peter bought us all drinks. Free drinks are good. It still amazes me how it is daylight at midnight. I made a brief appearance at the hat party in the OB, and then I was off to bed.






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