Narvik, Norway

Stage Manager’s Log
M.S. Prinsendam
Tuesday, June 20, 2006
Narvik, Norway

Today was a pretty nice day. It was very relaxing. I got to sleep in a little as we had no lectures since it was a port day. We had rehearsal at 1130 for tonight’s singer Ursuline Kairson. She was very good. She sings jazz music, which is a nice change from all of the other vocalists we had on board who sand pop and opera and show tunes. She had very simple requests for the show, and she was very happy with the sound.

After rehearsal I had the rest of the day off until the gameshow, so I just relaxed. Most of the day was overcast and drizzling, Some of the people who had gone into town in the morning said that it wasn’t really worth the $10 bus fare into town, that the only thing of interest was the pizza shop. The views from the ship were amazing, so I decided to stay on board.

After lunch I sat out on the aft Lido deck and read for a while, and I guess I fell asleep reading. The next thing I knew the captain was on the PA saying we were getting ready to leave. By this point the sun had finally started to poke through the clouds. The sail away from Narvik was one of the most beautiful sail outs that we had. This was the last sail out for this cruise, the next time we leave a port will be with new passengers.

After dinner we had our two shows as usual. The audience really enjoyed Ursuline. Then we had the Indonesian crew show. After the crew show I checked my email and learned that PTC was offering me the Master Electrician position there. That made me happy, so I went down to the OB and bought a round for everyone there (luckily that was like 4 people). It is very exciting though. After that I went off to bed, tomorrow is an early day as we are at sea.






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