Amsterdam, Netherlands – Day 2

Stage Manager’s Log
M.S. Prinsendam
Sunday, June 24, 2006
Amsterdam, Netherlands – Day 2

Another day with plenty of time to sleep in. Today was debarkation in the morning and then embarkation in the afternoon. We really didn’t have anything going on, not even rehearsals as tonight’s show was the welcome aboard introductions. I didn’t get off the ship today so that Jorge could get off and go see the town. I also had some maintenance to do in the theatre, and just relax. I also was supposed to be onboard to meet Celina, who will be my replacement and take over when I get off on July 10.

Celina gout on the ship around 1330. This is not her first time with HAL, but it is her first time on the Prinsendam. So I gave her a tour of the ship and introduced her to the important people, showed her to her room and all that jazz. I am going to be teaching her a lot of lights as she is really only a sound tech. She is a good person, great attitude, lots of energy, it will be fun to work with her for this cruise.

At this point in time it was getting pretty late in the day, so I took some time to relax and call Becca. After that I headed off to dinner and then to the lounge for the dance set with the band. There were more people at the first dance set than the second, in fact there was almost no one at the second. The shows were not terribly interesting, but such is life. At the end of all that I went down for bed. Tomorrow we start all over again.






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