St. Petersburg, Russia – Day 1

Stage Manager’s Log
M.S. Prinsendam
Thursday, June 29, 2006
St. Petersburg, Russia – Day 1

Well, I am stuck on the ship today so I guess I will make the best of it. We had a raft drill this morning, and the makeup traffic director’s training pretty much right after the drill. We also had to exchange our lifejackets for new ones, as all of the lifejackets are being replaced over the next two days. It is so amazingly fun…

I did stop by the HRO this morning to pick up my Seaman’s Book so that I can go ashore tomorrow (and maybe tonight). I also got myself a bus ticket for tomorrow. The Purser arranged to have a bus to take the crew to the city center and the Church of Spilled Blood tomorrow. There is one to the Electronics (black) Market today, but I can’t go. Hopefully in the second and third days I will be able to get over there. They say you can get lots of cool electronics there for very cheap, could be fun.

I spent some time working with Sally Jones and Jonnie to try and transfer Sally’s concert to DVD, but we realized that we didn’t have the hard disk space to do it. We are going to try and enlist the help of the photo/video people on the ship. I also took some time to swap photos with Jen of some of the places that we had gone to.

So, other than that I had an amazingly not so much fun day. I didn’t really do all that much. After dinner I started the movie for the night, and I thought that I was not going to watch it, but I did. The movie was “An Unfinished Life” and it was pretty good. For the second showing I set my timer and went and hung out with all the other people who were stuck on the ship today. We had fun. I went back up to end the film and then hung out some more before bed.






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