Oslo, Norway

Stage Manager’s Log
M.S. Prinsendam
Saturday, July 8, 2006
Oslo, Norway

This morning started with some drama in rehearsal as we had problems getting the new tape to play, and then we couldn’t get the old tape to play right, and it was a mess. We finally got everything working again. it was a little strange. We also had a problem with Rachel’s mic, but we think that it might be an issue with the console. This theatre is falling apart. No matter what I try to do, I can’t get everything to work right.

After rehearsal I spent some time working with Celina on more lighting lessons. We started by making system flow diagrams for her of how things work. It isn’t quite as straight forward in that sense as sound ins, but I think that the analogy helps her. Then I showed her how to load and unload a scroller as well as take it apart and put it back together again. Then we took apart and went over the insides of the moving lights. it is too bad that the MLs are not so great, they are really a pain in the neck to work with. We went over addressing and dimmers and channels, sort of. Unless things go really crazy, she should be fine.

After that work we went up for lunch, and at that point I decided that I would just hang out the rest of the day. We had the last port lecture for this cruise this afternoon, and then a round of Bingo. Tonight was a formal night, so one last time to get dressed up before I leave. We sailed out of Oslo during dinner, and while we were sailing, the captain had to steer hard over because some little sailboat almost cut us off. the harbor pilot chased down the boat to get mad at it.

The shows went well. This was the final performance for this cast as a group, so they were kind of sad. They had some Champagne after the show, and Peter got flowers for all of them, so it was nice. After the shows I went up to the Crow’s Nest to listen to Buddy play, and then changed and went to the OB for a bit, to see people. I also did some laundry at some point. Then it was bedtime.






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