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If you don’t know the significance of the title then you should read Our Town.

I mentioned in an earlier post that last week and this week would be kind of crazy and of course they are!  I didn’t really even have a full day off.  While I did find the time to hit the slopes for a little bit on Sunday, I still had the photo call for The Rocky Horror Show and then I had to move a couple lighting fixtures from that show up to our theatre and focus them.  So, even Sunday was not much of a day off, but getting out and getting some sun was really nice.  It was also great to be able to see my cousin who is here for a ski vacation.

I do have to say though, I think that I really do have a much better understanding of what Our Town is really about.  In fact, it is actually interesting to me that so many people read this play in high school.  I would imagine that it will have even more meaning when I am older than I am currently.  I think it also hits home for me on account of the fact that it takes place in New Hampshire, which is a place that I really love.  I know almost all of the places that are talked about and life in New Hampshire is still pretty similar.  The small towns there are sometimes on the same wavelength still.

Looking out the window at the moon pondering the universe. This is why I have been silent on the blog for a few days!

It is the meaning of life things that are really interesting.  It actually really reminds me of another post that I wrote about  living life.  The third act of the play is one that can really come from left field if you don’t know the show at all.  Dealing with life and death and how we handle those transitions can be really hard.  One of the lines in the play is: “Do any human beings ever realize life while they live it? Every minute?”   The answer given is that only a few poets and saints do.  This makes sense to me, I don’t think we really understand what we have, where we are or where we are going while we are living.  Sometimes I am sure that we take life for granted.

The moments that we have on this earth, in this life, with the people we care about are short when you are faced with eternity.  The perspective is very interesting, though provoking, and belittling.  Our Town tells a beautiful story and I am glad that I finally have the opportunity to work on a real production of it.  I am also glad that I get to just watch it, and not have to work it.  If you are in the SLC area I would suggest coming to see it as well.






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