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It is that time of the month again, time for bloggerstock!  This month you get to read the writings of CkretsGalore!  If you are looking for my post, you will find it over on Risha’s Blog: You Can Read Me Anything.  If you are interested in Bloggerstock for the future, you can check us out at  Now on to the good stuff!

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*Warning: Many curse words about to follow.  This was put together under the influence of Vodka Redbulls , Jager/Baja Rosa Shooters.  I will just start by saying, I’m sorry.


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Ok so this is the popping of my Bloggerstock cherry.

What is Bloggerstock you ask? Well it’s a kind of blogger-swap-meet-ring thing and you know what? You can check it out here: Bloggerstock

I love the intertubes and how it fuels my laziness of retaining information.

Who am I? Well I go by the handle CkretsGalore (Pronounced: Secrets Galore not CricketGalore like a lot of people seem to think). I can be found at where I will be receiving my guest post which is pretty gosh darn spooky in a cute and creepy way. Oh yeah that is our theme for this post:


No not THAT Spooky, even though that takes me back to some youthful teenage years living in Vancouver, BC. Now that just reminded me that Father Time is catching up with me. That’s just scary.

So yeah, this kind of Spooky:


FAK that’s creepy.

Ok, How about this:


Wait..What the…

SPOOKY Dammit!


Ok, fuck off. I have just been raped visually and will require intensive therapy STAT.

Fuck you Perez Hilton and go kindly blow a goat.

C’mon Spooooky


Um, that’s just down right disturbing and I do believe that is a child dressed up like Rotten Ronnie. Manfriend says it’s not a child but this is my post so I’m right.

Ok, Please don’t make me have to write an actual Spooky Story because we know I suck at writing anything that isn’t offensive or a curse word that.


Oh Hellllllz no you didn’t! That is all kinds of wrongness. Ok now my Manfriend and I are arguing about this picture. What are we arguing about? The fact of whether it’s a dorm room or just a regular bedroom. I said to check out how low the closet is and he stated it could be a basement room or he could be tall and whatever, it’s the 70’s. Wait, why am I talking this…erm..

Ok Spookiness here we come!


Oh….my….. YOU CAN BUY THIS MASK! Bahzowie, there’s another item for my Christmas Wish List. Seriously, I would wear this randomly at the strippers in public. So you know, if you want to be a Santa’s little helper, help a sister out and this sister will record that shit.


I’m totally going to have a nightmare about this creeptastic doll. This is coming from I’m sure they write about some Spooky stuff but I just can’t bring myself to read anything when “Michael Jackson’s Ghost,” article link caught my eye. Please pass the peas, the bullshit pattie doesn’t really appeal.

Ok, come on now…I’m tired of typing already. I mean I sit at a computer for 10 mind numbing, carpal tunnel inducing, hours a day for 10 days in a row. I didn’t start a blog in order to spend quality time typing and trying to think of words that contain more than four letters.


There HAS to be something Spooky for this blog post theme.


I haven’t even made it past the topic of the theme of the Bloggerstock!

FINE. Screw it . I’m smammered and starting to drool on the keyboard tired so this is what you’re going to bloody well get and YOU WILL – ENJOY IT mudderfockers







Happy Halloween Everyone!!! Be Safe and remember……







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