Bloggerstock: What Inspires You?

I’m Leanna and I’m taking over Alex’s blog as part of this month’s edition of Bloggerstock!  For those of you who aren’t familiar with it, Bloggerstock is a new and innovative type of blog swap.  Instead of two bloggers swapping posts for a day, Bloggerstock forms a chain of blog posts.  Keep clicking through all the posts to read them all!  Head on over to my blog OMG I moved to NYC to read Emily’s thoughts on the topic or to Pearl Tigress to read Alex’s.

This month’s theme is “What Inspires You”.  When I read this topic only one thing came to mind, my college professor Michele Clark.

I’ve always looked up at Michele for her efforts to combat Human Trafficking, her work at the OSCE, and her commitment to her students.  She always encouraged us to explore our academic interests and provided excellent advice for our papers, internships, or our crazy stressful college lives.  Most importantly, she supported whatever we wanted to do.  When Gaby and I took over the leadership of our campus’s anti-human trafficking group she was behind us 100% and connected us with a lot of great anti-trafficking organizations in DC and provided us with guest speakers for our events.  When I had the crazy idea of moving to NYC to work at an international exchange focused non-profit, she told me to go for it.  I only knew 2-3 people in the whole city, didn’t have a place to live, and had never spent longer than 3 days in the NYC before…I was terrified but I wanted to be here.  Michele helped calm my fears and while other people thought I was crazy told me to do what would make me happy.  So thank you Michele for inspiring me to take the leap and move to this amazing city!






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