A few people from the 20SB gang got to chatting the other night.  The conversation started with some talk of 20SB’s blog-swap, which sounds like it should be a fun event.  We were thinking though, that creating a regular event  along similar lines that linked a bunch of bloggers together would be a really fun thing to try.  Thus, Bloggerstock was born.

The basic concept behind Bloggerstock is to create a blog-ring where every participating blogger writes a post that will be posted on one of the other participant’s blogs.  All the participants will blog about the same thing.  Every time we run an event we will pick a theme, post title, opening line, etc. that everyone uses as the basis for their post.  The idea is then that you have a whole host of blogs with posts of the same title/theme.  If we got enough people together maybe we could even give the search engines a heart attack for a day.

As opposed to a traditional blog-swap, each blogger would write a post for one person and receive a post from a different person.  Each blogger would link back to the post on their blog from the post they write for the next blogger.  This is how the ring is formed.  Thus, Blogger A writes a post to be posted on Blogger B’s blog.  Blogger B writes a post for Blogger C and so on.  In the post that Blogger B writes for C, she will include a link back to A’s post on her (B’s) blog.  It sounds a lot more confusing than it actually is.  in any event, this method of linking should create a ring of linked blogs.  Everyone gets a chance to share followers and hopefully pick up some new ones.

So, for the first Bloggerstock event we have chosen the title “The internet is eating my…” This should be an interesting one and I am not really sure how to attack it.  I could go at it like one of my normal musings which I am sure would be interesting.  There is plenty to say from that angle.  There is also the angle of complete fiction that could also be fun.  Not sure what I will do, but I have some time to work it out and get some ideas down on “paper.”  I am glad that I have some time to work on it so that I can come up with something good.

I don’t have as much time to come up with a good post for the 20SB Blog-swap, but I don’t think that should be too hard.  I would imagine that since I can generally find something to write about.  It is unfortunate that it isn’t on a Friday when i would normally share a photo.  I mean I still could, but I would have to find one that I could actually have something to say about.  Not terribly worried, it all works out in the end, it’s a mystery.

In any event, if you are interested in Bloggerstock, just click one of the links in this post.  If things go well this first time we will open it up to everyone in the future!






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