Winter Camping

So, I have one more backpedaling blog post that I wanted to write.  This is what happens when you are out of touch with technology for a week.  It felt pretty good to do that, but then when you come back and realize that you are behind on things, well, it never really balances out.  At least I can try. So, upon my return from Ithaca I met my brother in the Salt Lake City airport as he just flew in for the week.  The idea for the week was to do...

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The Meaning of Summer

Inspired by prompt number five over at Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop: “What summer means to your family.”  I do have to say, I consider myself very lucy because I have a job where I get the summers off, so I can actually do things in the summer. If you actually follow my blog you probably can see that I spend a lot of time (especially lately) talking about summer camp.  Camp is what I do for the summer and what I have...

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Navigation Fail

For 18 years I grew up living just outside of Boston.  Then I went to college, worked on a cruise ship and moved to Salt Lake City.  needless to say, since high school I have spent less and less time around the Boston Area.  I was never great with getting around in Boston, there are few people who really are (my father happens to be one of those people).  I knew how to get from home to the places that I frequented, though generally I got around...

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It has begun & Foto Friday

My summer that is.  Yesterday I officially said my goodbye’s at the theatre (just for the summer that is), packed up my junk and this morning I made my trek over to the east coast.  Pretty normal travel day all things considered, 6AM wake-up, have Sunreon pound on my door at 6:20, load up my junk into her car and head over to The Red Moose for a cup of coffee and a breakfast burrito.  I can’t remember if I ever mentioned this little...

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Warm and Fuzzy Foods

Once again I come to you with a post inspired by Mama Kat’s Writer’s Worksop.  This week, the prompt that struck me was number 5: “Describe a home cooked meal that makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside.”  I like to cook and even more than cooking, I love to eat.  Home cooked meals are definitely the best and I have to say, I don’t eat enough of them.  It would be much better for me in terms of my health and my...

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One more for the books

Yesterday was closing day at Deer Valley.  Deer Valley is usually the first ski area in Utah to close, they like to maintain their image and it does get expensive to keep the place open.  This season may not have been as epic as past seasons, but it sure was a lot of fun.  Closing week was even spiced up by a couple decent snow storms at the beginning of the week, in fact we got almost 21 inches at some of the resorts. Spring skiing is always...

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