Recap, Rocky, Ralxing

It seems like it has been a while since I wrote anything about what is going on in life.  It has been a nice relaxing week since I don’t have to be at the theatre every night pushing the GO button.  I have been able to do things like get in a lot of skiing, see some theatre that wasn’t mine, and watch the Olympics.  I think that I only interrupted my “vacation” as-it-were, once to go to a production meeting for our next...

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Birthday Wrap Up

At 5:17AM 26 years ago I was born.  That is pretty cool in and of itself.  My parents were excited, my grandparents were excited, It sounds like it was a pretty good time.  I certainly can’t remember.  I also can’t remember the fact that when my mother got to bring me home from the hospital on February 14, she was bummed out that my father had to be working.  I do remember things like the day my sister was born because it was the...

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Happy Birthday to Me!

I couldn’t resist scheduling a post to show up right at 5:17 on my birthday. I will write about what kind of a day it was after it happens. I probably need to get to sleep early because my mother likes to call me early in the morning to wish me a happy birthday. Inevitably she will say something like: Mom: “So you are what, 26 now?” Me: “Yup.” Mom: “You are getting old… Wait, that means I am getting...

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Web Savvy

In general, many of us live pretty public lives nowadays.  Even if you don’t do Twitter or don’t have a blog you probably have a Facebook or a MySpace page or belong to some other online community.  The strange thing is that even if you don’t really do anything online there is still a bunch of information about you out there in cyberspace.  We leave cyber trails without even knowing it.  It can be a little overwhelming to try...

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If you are wondering what Zordak is, you are asking the wrong question.  You should be asking who Zordak is.  Zordak is the king of the universe, also known as Zordak KOTU.  Zordak is a character from a bunch of “stories” that my brother wrote while he was in elementary school.  I don’t remember any of the stories now and it wouldn’t surprise me if the originals were lost in the fire that my parents had back when I was...

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Looking Ahead

As my parent’s visit to Salt Lake City came to an end they did offer me some great things.  First off I finally got a new pair of ski pants.  I have been skiing in my old Spyder pants for a really long time and they are starting to show their age as well as not really fitting well.  I did have to go back to REI to exchange the pants as the first pair was a funny cut that didn’t quite fit right, but I think I have landed on something...

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