Into Another Wacky Week

Shhhh!  Did you hear that? Yeah, that was my silence for the last couple days.  I suppose it is no biggie as I never claimed to try to blog every day!  However, we are into one of those weeks where time is very short.  We are into working on the final show of the season and then couple that with the fact that it is Passover and guess what?  I have not a lot of time to surf the tubes or write.  So, since I have a few minutes I thought I would...

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VD… VDay… Valentines

First of all, I am foregoing Music Monday for this post on Valentines Day. Second of all, I think that it is kinda funny that some people abbreviate Valentines Day as VD.  I mean really? VD?  That is just kinda dumb and I hope that no one is out getting VD on Valentines day, that would just suck! I think it is interesting how many people around the blogsphere were cracking down on the people who disapprove of or dislike Valentines Day.  Am I...

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Birthday Wrap Up

At 5:17AM 26 years ago I was born.  That is pretty cool in and of itself.  My parents were excited, my grandparents were excited, It sounds like it was a pretty good time.  I certainly can’t remember.  I also can’t remember the fact that when my mother got to bring me home from the hospital on February 14, she was bummed out that my father had to be working.  I do remember things like the day my sister was born because it was the...

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My First Christmas

Yup, the jew did just say that! I was invited to sped Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with Ruth and her family, that was certainly a first for me. It is definitely a little different and I sorta find it kinda awkward, but it was fun. I was probably the only one thinking it was awkward, and that probably only stems from being Jewish and not believing in what Christmas is all about. I have to say, I enjoy spending time with Ruth and her family....

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Reality Check

The big holiday party was lat night and it was a lot of fun.  Getting to see people who i don’t get to see very often is a treat.  It is an awful lot of work to pull off a party like that though.  We had twenty-some odd people at the house.  My mother and I made almost 20lbs of potatoes into latkes, we made 16-ish pounds of corned beef, a turkey and more.  I don’t remember what my father said was the count on number of bottles of wine drunk....

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Quiet Afternoon

I am actually not entirely sure where everyone is.  I know that Dan and Dad went out do deposit Dan’s check and do some shopping, but I am not sure where my mother is.  I though she was home.  We are supposed to make potato latkes today.  I am kinda looking forward to that.  i am also looking forward to seeing Jesi and going over the BU theatre to see “Radium Girls.” In the mean time I have been killing time helping my dad set up a blog (which...

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