Frozen: Let it Go and get over yourself!

After not being able to finish reading Ms. Skaggs’ blog over on “A Well-Behaved Mormon Woman” regarding the “gay agenda” that is apparently the underlying theme of Disney’s “Frozen,” i don’t think that this is an issue that can really be let go. ¬†Needless to say, this woman read a little to far into the film and was not able to walk away without being blinded by bigotry and hatred. ¬†As her...

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The Human Impact

On Wednesday I wrote about how amazing this country and the open spaces is. It really is truly amazing and I enjoy being able to partake of it. There is a flip side to the coin though. I don’t really know why, but today I started to watch a couple of the Miyazaki films. It was probably spurred by watching Ponyo with the Jones’ last Sunday. The thing that got to me, which I always knew about the films, is the underlying environmental...

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