Sci-Fi Tech Today

I am vey much a sci-fi and tech geek.  I am a gadget guy and many of the TV shows that I follow are found on the SyFy channel.  I love to have the new toys (though I usually wait for the second generation of new devices) and I do try to find a use for them in my life. Recently I dug up an old Sci-Fi show that competed with the likes of StarTrek:TNG for three-and-a-half seasons.  It was a show that many criticized, though I watched it...

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Back in the Saddle Again

Many people look forward to the time that they take off from work.  Some may not really care one way or the other.  For me however, it is fun to be back in the swing of things at work.  Now I suppose most people who visit here know that I work in theatre, but now anyone who just showed up knows as well.  It is certainly an interesting and crazy world to work in.  now as we push on into fall and winter (fall doesn’t last too long in Utah)...

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Dollars and Sense

This month 20SB is hosting a Blog Carnival in conjunction with Charles Schwab.  In my mind it is kind of an unlikely pairing, but hey, we twenty-somethings should learn what to do with our lack of money!  Actually, I took advantage of the recent economic struggles in the country as I saw it as an opportunity to start making some investments.  The market was low and I had some liquid assets and I have the time to wait for the markets to rebound....

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Why is it that sometimes you think that you have a great idea, a thought for a post that couldn’t be better, but when you sit down to try to put the words on the page, it just doesn’t feel the same?  I know that everyone feels that sometimes.  I wouldn’t so much call it writer’s block as much as it is just the possible lack of flesh on the original concept.  I don’t even actually remember what it was that I had...

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Navigation Fail

For 18 years I grew up living just outside of Boston.  Then I went to college, worked on a cruise ship and moved to Salt Lake City.  needless to say, since high school I have spent less and less time around the Boston Area.  I was never great with getting around in Boston, there are few people who really are (my father happens to be one of those people).  I knew how to get from home to the places that I frequented, though generally I got around...

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Grab a Coffee

When is it that we get to the point where this is the thing to do when you want to meet with friends or have a meeting of sorts?  It just seems that relatively recently I have been running into friends to catch up with and the thought seems to go right to “why don’t we meet for coffee?”  When does that become the thing to do.  I mean, I don’t really remember what we did in high school, but I know that we didn’t go...

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