Way to go PTC (again)!

So, my last post was in part praise of my current employer with regards to how they handled a situation regarding what some might describe as my outspoken online presence.  Well, I once again have to applaud the same people for the way they handled this week’s development at the theatre. Our current production is “Deathtrap,” written by Ira Levin in 1978.  It is a comedic thriller with a little plot twist at the end of the...

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Theatre Magic – 50 in 12 in 2

Some magicians never reveal their secrets, but for the impressive scene shift that we execute in Pioneer Theatre Company’s production of Clybourne Park, we decided to show it off.  So, as both a technician and the staff photographer I kind of had my hands in the whole process and now have a cool time-laps video to share. For those who don’t know the show, Clybourne Park, by Bruce Norris, was written as a...

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Where does the time go?

It is hard to believe that the end of yet another season at the theatre is coming to an end.  This is going to mark the end of my fifth season at the Pioneer Theatre.  That is five years living in Salt Lake City, five years out of college, and five years living in the real world.  Five years is not a super long time, but it is nothing to turn your nose up at either.  It is kind of hard to believe that I am getting information about my five year...

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There are few things that truly make me upset.  The biggest is ignorance. “…she [Anne Frank] died three days before the camp was liberated, it makes me ill.  They knew the liberation was coming and they still went to the gas chamers?!” ~A Patron after the show Ok, so you sit through two-and-a-half hours of a wonderful production of The Diary of Anne Frank in Salt Lake City, UT and this is what I hear people saying as they...

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Staying in Utah (for now)

So, I got the call from CalArts regarding the job that I went out there to interview for.  After calling all of my references it sounded like they had narrowed down their search to two candidates, myself and one other person.  When they called this morning I was in our bi-annual “State of the Theatre” meeting.  We are in OK shape, and our artistic director has announced his retirement for the end of next season. That being said, I...

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Totally Overwhelmed

Today was one of the longest days and it was totally overwhelming.  The day really started last night after the show when we had to fix a moving light and some other cabling issues.  I had to totally strip apart one of the revolutions and re-build it, but it seems to be better now.  When all was said and done I think I arrived home around 1AM.  I had to get up at 5AM to get ready for the flight out to California to go to CalArts for a tour and...

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