Too Much to do, Too Little Time

This is the post where I am going to tell about the secret project I mentioned a few times, but that is going to be towards the end of the post…. (just to keep you reading) Some of you may have drifted by the blog in the last couple weeks and wondered where I have been.  Some of you probably couldn’t care less, and those of you who actually know me probably spent the last two weeks in the same building as me for the duration of said...

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You want to fit that where?

We are working on what will probably turn out to be the second largest show of the season at the theatre and it has got everyone at the end of their rope.  The show is Irving Berlin’s White Christmas, the wonderful christmas musical by the good Jewish boy.  Smart guy, capitalizing on the prevailing American culture!  Probably wouldn’t sell as many tickets to a show called “White Chanukkah…” That being said, the...

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Returning – Reunions

It has been quite the busy couple weeks.  Last week started as tech for Dracula at the theatre and then ended with my flying out to Ithaca for the first ever All Theatre Alumni Reunion.  The impetus for the event was the completion of the renovations on Dillingham Center, the home of the Department of Theatre Arts at Ithaca College.  Ithaca College (not to be confused with Ithaca University from the movie Road Trip), or IC, is my alma mater for...

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Stage Moms

There probably are not too many people who would say that they like stage moms.  All things considered, there probably aren’t too many people who really know what many stage moms are like.  Everyone knows a soccer mom, they are the subject of many stereotypes.  Stage moms are on a completely different level.  I mean, when you think that your kid is going to be the next big thing on Broadway or primetime TV it is really a whole different...

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Theatre on Thursday: Diagnosis

For the past few days I have been trying to track down a phantom problem.  It is only phantom in the fact that I can’t reproduce the problem outside of the show.  That, I suppose, makes it definable is an intermittent problem.  This of course, is the most difficult of problems to diagnose and to solve.  Certainly a very frustrating problem. What is the problem?  Well, I have a moving light that seems to intermittently decide to just quit....

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Theatre on Thursday: Bad habits

I find that when we get deep into production, my eating habits get tossed aside.  It is possibly worse for my wallet than for me as I still try to eat decent foods, but no matter how you spin it, it isn’t the best of habits.  I like to cook and I like home-made food, but I often find myself on a schedule that doesn’t leave me enough time to go home and make something.  I also often end up needing to eat at odd times due to when I...

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