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Handwriting: A blog meme

This post was inspired by Kris over at Because or Why Not.  She posted the meme and I thought it was a great idea.  She didn’t tag anyone, but said that if we were interested, to mention her, so I did (besides, I like her blog). I don’t know if this meme has a particular name, but essentially it is about making the blog a little more personal by answering a few questions and writing them out by hand.  Many times in the past I have...

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Mondays on Music #2

This post is probably long overdue and probably very overdone, but the idea has been nagging at me for months. It really all started over this past summer. I spend my summers working at Indian and Forest Acres camps. They are brother and sister camps in Maine, with kids ranging in age from 7-17. What struck me as odd was that almost every kid in camp knew all the lyrics to “Don’t Stop Believin'” by Journey. How could this be?...

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Mondays on Music

As a person who always has a song running through my head and for whom music is a central part of life it seemed only natural to have a theme day for music. While it is probably cliché to do music on Mondays, I don’t really mind. Anyway, you can’t go wrong with a little alliteration! My hope for this feature is not just to talk about a song or a new album or to give reviews. What I really want is this to be a place to discuss music...

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Foto Friday

I am going to try to start up a couple theme days here in my ramblings.  Being a photographer it seemed only  natural to have a photo day.  So, provided that I can be consistent about picking photos and finding something to say about them this should become a regular Friday feature. So, I’m going to kick things off with the following photo: This photo was taken at Dead Horse Point State Park in Moab, UT.  One of my favorite things to do...

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