Another New Blog for the New Year

Well, it seemed like I should ring in the new year on palindrome day (01022010) by starting up a new blog.  I don’t really know what that seemed like the thing to do, but it did.  Maybe it was just an excuse to finally buy my new domain, icewolf08.com.  I would really love to have icewolf.com, but it is taken already, and I have been using icewolf08 as a handle since the intertubes were new.  I suppose the other thing is that it gives me...

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Hello world!

Well, I am poking around with wordpress and getting that all set up while trying to tech through “Touch(ed)” at the theatre.  If things slow down a bit I will get this site a little more organized.  Additionally, this blog should forward over to my Tumblr blog as well.  In the mean-time I am going to enjoy the awesome music in the show!

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How do you get there from here?

So I had a very nice chat/meeting with Ruth’s aunt and uncle, Celeste and Terry. While not experts in setting up a small business, they did have some insight, and I certainly appreciate that. I still have to make some decisions about what I want to do in order to get everything se tup for this job with ETC. I need to talk to Randy down at GTS again and see what kind of deal he is willing to strike. This option presents probably the easiest...

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New Job, New Place

Well, it has been a while since I have written in my journal. I suppose it hasn’t been as long as some of the other gaps that I have left in time. IN any event, I am sitting in my apartment in Salt Lake City, and I probably really should be going to bed. It has been along couple weeks, between moving out here, starting work, and getting my life organized in a brand new place. As much as I would like to be able to say that I have been here...

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A weekend update

Well there were a bunch of interesting things that happened this weekend. I finally had something to do. Actually, I think that it all started on tuesday whan I did a job for my dad. I PA’d on a shoot with Will Farrell, who was doing a press junkit for the release of his new film, Talladega Nights. It was interesting, and we were done just after noon. On Thursday dad and I were invited to go sailing with Mike Musen, the father of a friend...

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MV weekend

So Becca and I decided to head down to Martha’s Vineyard this weekend to visit with Uncle Jeff, Auntie Joyce and Nana and Papa. The ride down wasn’t so bad. I picked the girl up at work in Boston and we made for the Cape. It took us three hours to get to the Ferry, which, on a Friday afternoon in the summer is not to bad. We got in to the island and were picked up in time for dinner which was nice. Thies morning Becca selpt in,...

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