Dish Jenga

At some point I think that it is an inevitability (unless you are my parents) that there is a game of dish jenga going on in everyone’s kitchen. Sometimes it is probably two games, the one with the dirty dishes in the sink and the one with the clean dishes on the drying rack. I even have a dishwasher but I can’t seem to avoid a pile of dishes in the sink.

For me, one of the driving forces behind doing dishes is when I can’t fit the Brita pitcher under the faucet to fill it up. This of course is an issue! The good thing about this metric is that we drink a lot of water so it doesn’t take long to end up with an empty Brita the needs to be filled. Sometimes I cheat though and use some other container to get water from the tap to fill the Brita…

I don’t actually have anything against doing dishes, in fact most of the time I find it kind of relaxing. There are many a weekend morning where I will get up and do dishes before I think about making breakfast. The problem is just finding the motivation sometimes. When you have spent lots of time cooking, sometimes you just want to sit and relax after you eat. Or in the mornings when you eat and then run out to work, you just dump the dishes in the sink.

The problem is just that it is a never ending battle, just like a good game of Jenga (of which I have played a few). Stack up a nice pile of dishes and then finally get around to cleaning them. Then, as soon as you turn around there is just another new stack waiting for you. Is it possible to win the game?






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