Foto Friday #11

One of the photographers whose blog I follow always has great advice.  One of the tidbits that he has mentioned for people who want to be professional photographers is to find some niche in the market.  So, what I do, which seemed to be a natural fit, is shoot for theatre.  I do production stills for the theatre company that I work for as well as a couple other local theatre companies and the theatre department at the U of U.  It is a lot of fun and it can provide a way to make some fairly artistic images while capturing the art that we make on stage every day.

This week I thought that it would be fun to share one of my recent images from the archival photo call from the U of U theatre department’s production of Molière’s The Would-be Gentleman.  The show is extremely funny and it seems like the cast had a lot of fun working on it.  It was hard to pick one image to share with you, but I think that the one I picked is pretty good.  If you want to see more of them or the cast list you can find the entire gallery at this link.

Lucile's "fairytale entrance"

There are many rather funny and what now seem cliché moments in the show, however this is the kind of literature that defined the ideas we think of as cliché.  The moment in this photo is Lucile’s “fairytale entrance” where she comes in to meet her lover accompanied by perfume and birds and flower petals.  Of course you couldn’t complete the scene without the servant sweeping up the mess.

So enjoy the photo, and as always, please feel free to leave comments, questions, and criticism.






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