Foto Friday #8

So, I missed posting a photo last week, I was pretty busy that I totally forgot what day of the week was.  I won’t forget this week though.  So, here is my photo for the week:

Sunset at Arches

Every year since I moved to Utah I have managed to get in a trip to visit at least one of the national parks here in Utah and the surrounding region.  The year before last I was invited on a trip with my cousins to tour a bunch of parks.  We started in Moab, UT at Arches and Canyonlands National Parks.  We pulled into Moab late in the day and after we checked into the hotel the light was beautiful so we raced out to Arches to shoot some photos.  This is probably the best of the lot from that night.

I totally forget what the name of this feature is, but it is right off the park road and not too far into the park.  I am looking forward to going back this summer for a photo workshop.  I find these places to be so beautiful and amazing and I love visiting them.

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