Fun, Games, Sick, Tired…

No, I am not “Sick and Tired” in the sense that I don’t like what I am doing, I am actually sick with a little head cold and very tired.  I am thankful that tomorrow is Sunday and that means we get to sleep in and have a pretty relaxing day.  I do have to say though, I would rather be sick now, at the beginning of the summer rather than in the middle like last summer.  I am sure that once I kick the “camp crud” that everyone gets at some point each summer, I will be fine.  I am sure that it is just the adjustment to the schedule and demands that wear on you here and I know that I will bounce back strong.

One of our little games has begun for the summer.  Being part of the IA/FA media services team or “Geek Squad” (we even have t-shirts) means that you get to play fun photo games.  Rich (the staff photographer) and I are often on the lookout for funny “bubble” pictures.  Last year we had quite a few and the games have begun anew this season with this photo:

Alex at FA Riding
Um, so yeah, that is me on the horse with Rich's thought bubble…

Yes, we love to make fun of eachother.  I just thought it would be fun to have a photo of me on a horse in my duster.  I wanted to have my hat as well, but rules are rules and CJ won’t have any photos of people not following the rules, so a helmet it was.  Funny thing was, that while I don’t really know much about riding, I have ridden before (though I don’t know if I have ever ridden English Saddle, or if that is even the correct term), but I think that I surprised CJ in that I knew something about what I was doing.  Of course in Rich’s eight years at camp he has yet to get on a horse so I won’t have any funny shots of him riding…

Beyond that, it is the second day of camp and we (Rich and I) are already running around like crazy.  I have racked up like 70 miles of driving for camp business, and most of that is just going back and forth the 2.2 miles between camps.  I made at least four trips today I think.  The problem is that both camps had big events that needed our services at the same time.  We have decided that we actually proved tonight that we are interchangeable.  Rich is supposed to be the photo guy and I am supposed to be the video guy, but we both can do both and did do both tonight because there was no way that we could both cover both events. (let’s seem how many time i can use “both” in one sentence)

For the most part the boys don’t really pay us any mind, but when either of us walk into the girls camp with a camera on, we are the most popular people in camp.  Every ten steps there is another gaggle of girls asking us to take their photo or to film something they made up.  Almost every girl in camp stops to say hi to us, it is quite amusing.  Some of them seem to think that I am a jungle gym, but there are worse things.  Needless to say, they run us ragged here and it is only day 2!  At least I can usually go to bed at a reasonable hour whereas Rich stays up sorting photos and uploading them for the parents to see.  If Rich misses a daily upload people call in asking about their kids and sometimes they even ask if Rich is OK.

My first video of the summer was shown this evening, but I don’t think that I can really share it on the tubes.  I am not sure that the people in it would appreciate that.  It was a fun project and the campers enjoyed it.  I will have other videos that I can share as the summer goes on.

Just another day in one of the best places to spend the summer.  Even if I am sick, tired and over-worked, it is still fun.  Don’t ask me how that can be, just know that it is!






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