Fun times

So, I have managed to get myself involved with the current “No-Bucks” show. Today was tech. This is the first no-bucks i have done in four years here, though i could have done more, but whatever. So we had some great excitement today, a fresnel exploded. It started with a little snap-crackle-pop, then a pretty fireworks show, and then it caught on fire. So I learned today why you are supposed to be a few feet away from what you are trying to put out with a fire extinguisher because i got a mouthful of dry chemical from the extinguisher burst i fired. I also got turned gray and i think i still have crap in my hair and such, but at least the fire got put out and taken care of.

There was one other exciting thing to start this weekend. I got to test the flying rig for Grease! on Friday afternoon. That was fun. I spent the afternoon helping Steve set up the rig, and then we wired it up for me and i got to fly. Of course it had to deteriorate into playing pinata, with me as the pinata and wiffle bats. It was amusing, lots of fun.

I am too tired to write more, so i suppose another time






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