Happy Birthday to Me!

Effectively it has been a month since I last posted anything, go figure.  It is so strange how sometimes things just fall by the wayside.  Life I suppose can get in the way.  When you work like crazy and then go to your cousin’s Bat Mitzvah on the other side of the country and also try to plan a wedding, well, things get pretty darn busy.  Heck, as usual for the past 5 years, I am sitting in tech on my birthday.

Thankfully, I have a wonderful fiancée and good friends to make a birthday at work more enjoyable.  Whether it is breakfast and lunch from Ruth or a cake from @sunreon or an uglydoll from my favorite stage manager or phone calls from friends who I haven’t heard from in a while, it all is great.  I don’t really count my inbox full of notifications from facebook that people have posted an my wall, mostly because I don’t really spend tons of time on facebook, and because most of the people just post birthday wishes because facebook tells them to.

It is worth mentioning that my cousin actually had the same Torah portion for her Bat Mitzvah as I did.  They wanted me to read some Torah or Haftorah, but the temple wasn’t really so keen on that.  So, my aunt asked them if there was any way that I could participate in the service.  I got to sing at the end of the service with the choir which was actually a lot of fun.  Everyone enjoyed it.

Ruth and I have settled on a date and venue for the wedding.  She is going up tomorrow with her mother to deliver the contract and deposit.  I suppose that means that I should actually read the contract.  There is a lot to do and think about now that we have settled on this information.  We can move forward with invitations and we still need to find some music (ie. a band).  We will have to finalize a menu and what we want for the ceremony.  Lots to do and time just ticking away.  Crazy, fun, exciting.

In knee news, I think that in general it is getting better.  I have more mobility and it really doesn’t hurt as much in normal use.  I am finally starting to walk normally again.  I don’t think that I will actually be doing any skiing this season.  I think that it is probably better this way, to heal and then hopefully be fine to get back on the hill next year.  However, one of my camp friends pointed out that it is a good excuse to be able to park at my cabin this summer at camp.  Hopefully I won’t need to actually use that as an excuse!






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